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Do you feel like every day is the same? Working more and making the same (or less) money. Your hamster wheel is spinning so fast it’s wearing you thin and you feel like you can’t get off. 

It’s time to Pumpkin Plan your MSP! By eliminating clients that are dragging down your business, and focusing on attracting clients that not only are profitable but you and your team enjoy working with you can ditch the hamster wheel and enjoy your success.

Join Shawn Walsh and Dave Cava, authors of The Pumpkin Plan for Managed Service Providers, on June 4th and 5th at  the CitizenM Tower of London Hotel.

They will guide you through our unique process
based on our book “The Pumpkin for Managed Service Providers” which will leave you empowered to make changes that will have you enjoying more productivity, watching profits grow, and finding a new sense of freedom. 

This interactive workshop will cover:

  • Getting MSP Owners Off the Hamster Wheel
  • Finding your Sweet Spot: Your Unique Value Proposition
  • The MSP Prospect Litmus Test
  • The Right Kind of Revenue to Chase
  • Swinging the Axe: Shedding Customers That Drag You Down
  • Building a Great Team
  • Getting Account Management Right
  • Positioning your MSP for Viral Sales
  • Leveraging the Power of MSP Community
  • Preparing for Exit and Life Beyond


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